An Overview


The Arts and Activism concentration is a compilation of pre-existing coursework across various departments at New York University. The concentration includes the following courses:



The Core and Elective Courses will be determined on a regular and ongoing basis by the Arts and Activism faculty Steering Committee, and drawn from courses already on the books and currently being taught at NYU.  The Elective Courses will be drawn from a range of programs, acknowledging and taking into account that some graduate programs at NYU offer their students very limited flexibility in their non-program course selection. The Ensemble Project will be a collective, student-led annual project that encompassed and expressed their studies and work in Arts and Activism, and would subjected to a faculty crit.

In addition to these curricular components, the Arts and Activism concentration, working with already existing NYU institutions like Arts and Activism @ NYU, the Hemispheric Institute, Yes Labs, and member programs, will sponsor regular lectures, discussion lunches, provide archival resources, and other activities to foster a sense of collegial community and contribute to an invigorating intellectual atmosphere.


By completing these courses, as well as participating in and taking advantage of additional events and resources, students will be able to cultivate strong working relationships with faculty already engaged in this practice, thus strengthening the work already being done in various different parts of the university. It will also create a network that operates across schools, disciplines, and majors, creating generative, and hopefully long-lasting, partnerships in a field where collaboration is crucial.


Currently all courses are only listed under the department offering them, but in time with continued support and collaboration, coursework could be cross-listed to allow for more exchange across programs and easier access and completion of the concentration.